Monday, 16 March 2015


Hello :)
So if you don't know... I make YouTube videos!
I've only been posting for a few months but I really enjoy it. I started out posting mostly me talking about my dreams but I've done a few other things now too.

I find dreams really interesting, they're like a cool alternate world that changes constantly.
I also like analyzing them -  why did that happen? Why did that appear?
They're often influenced by what happened the day before, even down to the little things. Say you had no ice left in the freezer; that could translate as mundane as it is, in fact so normal you get confused later on whether it was a dream or not. Or it could turn....strange. Maybe you're hiking in the mountains on a mission to collect giant ice slabs and in the process a yeti starts chasing you. Weird.

Annoyingly lately I've had great dreams but not recorded them... this is because the dreams have been so interesting that I've slept in longer to experience more & then when I do get out of bed I'm running late for whatever I need to do that day and therefore almost immediately forget what I just dreamed :(

I wish dreams didn't disappear so quickly. It's so hard to remember a translatable section of a dream.
Usually I can only remember random images or many even just the vibe of it.

I don't know if other people find my dreams interesting, or the videos entertaining at all but I'm going to keep posting them anyway when I can. I enjoy it and that's what matters :)

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