Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Back in April I had an amazing first time experience of a fashion shoot! I've never modeled before in my life, not even done one of those cheesy family shoots, nothing. I've never even considered modeling, I ruled myself out of that as soon as it was clear I was never going to be tall.

It was such a fun experience and I had a great stylist and photographer. My stylist Pernilla was fantastic and made me look like a new person. She was so shocked when I said I'd never done this before, and shocked again when I said I'd never used a hair straighter & curler.
I love that she put great outfits together out of the clothes and items I'd brought, that I'd never thought about pairing before. Here are the 4 outfits:

I had so much fun. And it felt amazing to be complimented by people who spend every day with stunning models!
I'll post the 3 final photos I got from the shoot soon :)

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