Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Romwe is a great online fashion store. I was certainly addicted to it for quite a while. It has thousands of different garments and accessories and calls it's self the "Latest Street Fashion".
I have spent hours raking this site and saving many many items to my 'wishlist'. And have traded quite a bit of money in return for quite a lot of garments. They have a very large collection of leggings which are at a good low price, so if you love leggings like me then it's a great site.

For a while when I first found the site they didn't quite have their currency conversions right for $AUS. This meant stuff was much cheaper than it was supposed to be, but unfortunately they have changed that since.
But FREE SHIPPING (World wide) and they are always having sales too!
Unfortunately I have equally as many negatives to say about Romwe.
Quite a few things a have bought from them have either been different to the picture/description, broken or the wrong size to what I requested or what the description says. And I'm pretty lazy so instead of sending it back I just hold grudges against them.  Their costumer service once took over a month to reply to me and has also been bad every other time I've talked to them too. I could say more negative things but to be perfectly honest, despite the bad things, I am still buying from Romwe and I do still recommend it. Although I haven't bought anything from them in a while, but that's mostly because I'm just generally cutting down on my spending's!

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