Tuesday, 4 March 2014


My name's Poppy Hunter (hence the similar title of the blog)
It took me about a year to convince myself to actually create this site/blog and so finally here it is!
I love fashion and style. Despite being a shy person I express myself a lot through the way I look.
I love being alternative. Sure I dress casually a lot too but even though I'm not a fan of attention I like to style differently.  I never new that being alternative would result in many many strangers complementing me, it's still strange. It makes me wonder why more people don't dress like I do even after expressing how much they love my style, but oh well, wouldn't be alternative if everyone dressed the same!
Anyhow just want to say hi and welcome to my blog!
And also in the future I'll probably be selling clothing and things too, so stay tuned!
Also here's a strange picture of me, because why not.

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