Saturday, 9 August 2014


Hello!  So my hair is now rainbow...
Did you dye your hair yourself? - No! I usually do but this time it was professionally done.
How long did it take to do your hair? - Hours...and hours...
Why did you do that? - I was payed as a hair model for a show. I didn't have control of it :)
With that out the way I will now go into more detail! So, I got selected to be a hair model for a show called 'Cool Britannia' by Fudge. I spent a Saturday in a hair salon getting my hair bleached as light as possible. Then on Monday spent the day getting my hair coloured by Tracy Hayes (Fudge Global head of technical training), and in the evening for the actual show I got my hair cut on stage by John Vial (Fudge Creative Director).
It was great seeing all the fantastic hair styles for the show, I'm just waiting for them to post photos of the event somewhere. They did some seriously great stuff.
At first I thought I wouldn't like the yellow next to my face and even after they did it I was a bit unsure. I've gotten used to it though and I think it does work, but only with all the other glorious colours involved too!
Hair dye: Paint Box by Fudge
Headphones: *gifted*
Tetris leggings: Black Milk
Top: Romwe
Jacket: Ebay or AliExpress
Shoes: *can't find anymore* :(
Photographer: Sir Martin the Boyfriend


  1. you looks stunning!!! omgosh miss my crazy hair style colors! :) love the photos ! your boyfriend is very talented xxx xox

    1. Thank you!! :3 haha I told him & he blushed :P x